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(Last Updated On: July 22, 2018)

Top 10 Best Comedy Movies in Bollywood 2017

There were many such best comedy movies in 2017, which we still like to watch. Which got a good lot of response from the people. But today we have come up with a list of top 10 comedy films that everyone has liked, and everyone wants to see that movie. This film has not been less than anyone about Box office collection.

10. Bareilly ki Barfi:

This story is about Bareli’s Bitti. Carefree Bitti, her parents have brought her like a boy. Bitti reads a book called ‘Bareli Ki Barfi’ and she is loved by the author of the book ‘Pritam Vidrohi’. But in reality, this book is the author of the book ‘Chirag Dubey’ And he falls in love with Bitti. Next, Chirag wants to get ‘Pritam Vidrohi’, who wants to get Bitti removed by Bitti. The movie goes further from love angle to love triangle, Whose villain is’ Pritam Vidrohi. Comedy-filled dialogues will make you laugh a lot. You will be able to laugh at a star-studded love story and a comedy movie.

9. Qarib Qarib Single:

Yogi, is a poet, he meets Jaya on a dating site. And after the coffee session, they both plan to get a trip to meet the Yogi’s Ex-Girlfriends. And they both go to Rishikesh, Jaipur, and Sikkim. In this film, people of opposite nature seem to be trying to understand each other in the opposite circumstances. You all will see a romantic comedy with a romantic trip. In which the romance of comedy will also be seen.

8. Subh Mangal Savdhan:

This movie is the story of Delhi’s “Mudit Sharma”.After that, his engagement fixed from Sugandha. Between engagement and marriage, Mudit and Sugandha come close to each other. Then Sugandha Got to know that Mudit has a sexual problem. after that, there is a funny fighting between Mudit and Sugandha’s parents. After that, there are many fun events. In this movie, you get a sexual problem between boys due to stress in society. And the story of the girls who have suffered after marriage described the beautiful way.

7. Newton:

This story is an honest and truth-speaking Newtonkumaar. Whom work is assigned Voting in a Maoist area. Because of the Naxalism area, Newton and his team are being assisted by commandos and the Commando Chief is Aatma Singh. Aatma Singh, who wants Newton and his team to be sent back as soon as possible. And how to vote in the right way or the wrong way. And unlike that Newton wants, should be carried out without any kind of violence or pressure. Neither dance nor love story but in Newton movie you will find a situation and a moving comedy movement near it. Which will make you laugh and try to explain something to you.

6. Hindi Medium:

Raj Malhotra, whose sari shop which has studied at the Religion School. But raj and Meeta Want to teach her daughter in a good convent school. Because the education in the English school is a status for the society today but the truth has also become. School both husband Admission wife is trying every way. They Changes in his living tolerance. The movie will laugh you with a social message.

5. Toilet: Ek Prem Katha:

With comedy, emphatic dialogue and love story and a social message, you will see Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. The story is about 36 years of Keshav, which does not allow her father to marry due to Manglik Dasaa. Keshav loves with Jaya and then they get married. But after marriage, There comes a crisis in his life. Only then does the villain’s entry into his love story. Keshav’s father does not want to become a toilet in his house. His daughter Jaya does not want to be in-laws without Toilet. In the movie you see Keshav with comedy, love story and spicy dialogue. Who somehow want to make toilet in his village.

4. Jolly LLB 2:

Jolly is a newbie lawyer, who also does small crimes to run her job because of he knows the flaws of the law. To get his goal Jolly have Makes deceit to a pregnant lady Heena Siddiqui she is a widow. And in the hope of justice and her husband’s fake encounter was done. Heena realizes that Jolly has betrayed her, So she committed suicide. And Jolly was regretted and remains in his hand unsolved case. Jolly Lall 2 will laugh at you and will make you emotional. And the film’s dialogue, expression, and the lawyers argue to that their judge and a judge who cooperates with truth.

3. Fukrey Returns:

This movie is of Honey, Chucha, Lali, Jafar, and Panditji. In the film, these five numbers make a number about the dream of Chucha and the lottery wins and have fun. Then they get Bholi in his life, whom he had sent to jail. She talks to these five people that take money from Delhi people to play a lottery. Then again the number of lotteries goes wrong. And the whole Delhi becomes an enemy of these five. There are many ups and downs in the movie ahead. In the movie, you will find different types of comedy.

2. Badrinath ki Dulhania:

Badri wants to marry Vaidehi. But Vaidehi does not want to marry anyone. Badri to propitiate to Vaidehi, her elder sister gets married and gives her a dowry too. Finally, Vaidehi is convinced to be married but she escapes on the wedding night. And then the love of Vaidehi and Badri turns into animosity. This movie is based on marriage, dowery, and comedy.

1. Golmaal Again:

You will see Gopal, Laxman, Lakki, Laxman, and Madhav in the Golmaal again to get rid of them again. In this movie, the childhood of these five children passes an orphanage and after they leave this orphanage. After growing up, they come to know that the owner of the ashram is killed, only then these five orphans return to the Ashram.

That is when they meet “Anaa”, who can see the ghosts, and further discover that the owner of the orphanage has not died but was killed. And the orphanage is wanted by a builder. Then there are some ghostly incidents with those people and the comedy movie turns into a Horror comedy. Horror comedy and action, along with comedy Together they will be fighting, fighting, and comedy.

This is the 2017 best comedy movies list. Which movie you love it leave comment below…..