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(Last Updated On: July 8, 2018)

Raid Movie Review: Ajay Devgan And Ileana D’Cruz’s Film

Raid movie review: Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn’s film Raid is released on 16 March 2018. Director Raj Gupta has made this film on the 80’s India’s biggest income tax raid. In which Ajay Devgan and Ileana D’Cruz are in lead roles.

This story is from the Lucknow Uttar Pradesh of 1981. Ajay Devgan as Amit Patnayak is transferred to Income Tax Department here; he comes here with his wife, Ileana D’Cruz Malini Patnaik.

In his department, his under, Amit Sayal and others work. When Amit learns that Rameshwar Singh alias Saurabh Shukla has hidden a lot of money in his house, he goes to raid his home with his team.

After much come all twist and turns in the film and also reveal many events after another. The story of the film is tremendous, and the script which Rajkumar Gupta has written with Ritesh Shah is excellent. Be as appreciated Ritesh Gupta to the dialogue of the film is much less.

In this raid movie Review, The film has fantastic Camera work in the movie, the Rajkumar’s direction is right, as well as editing is sharp.

Ajay Devgan’s acting is as strong as that, Dasak will be able to connect with them as the common man. As the powerful leader in Opposite of the same honest officer, Saurabh Shukla has once again told him why he is called the best actor.

The character of Ajay’s assistant Lallan Sudhir, i.e., Amit Sayal will make everyone laugh during the film. Anand Verma, Gayatri Iyer with Puspa Ji as a grandmother 86 years acting is also tremendous. Maybe this movie is good at the Bollywood box office collection.

Music could also have been good. According to a report, the budget of the film is 70 crores.
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